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Thursday, March 5, 2009


I thought today, that I might share with you all, pics of my family plus my Mum and brother. Sadly my Dad passed away almost 26 years ago. Mum is now 94 and I'm sad to say she has been alone all those years. My brother, Ian - (we share the same birthday) - was six when I was born and that's him with the grey beard. :) I think the other pics speak for themselves - our daughter, Kirsten who turns 27 in June - she shares her birthday with her Dad! (which, I might add he's not happy about because he seems to miss out! LOL) Matt turns 25 this September and, as you can see, is in the Australian Air Force. Ross is very camera shy and it's hard to get a good pic of him! Mostly he pulls silly faces when he sees a camera around which annoys me, no end. This particular pic of him was taken at the top of a hill overlooking a tiny little outback town called Forsyth and that's one of the many ant's nests that are around. That particular one is only a very small one compared to some! Very dry country out that way and vast vistas of land in abundance. I used to go out there each year to judge the patchwork and needlework plus the craft for their annual "Forsyth Roundup"...the first time was a culture shock but people come in from all the outlying cattle stations and the "show" is combined with a rodeo and then an evening dance. They sure know how to enjoy themselves!!!
Until next time, enjoy your families AND your stitching, love,