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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Anyone who says that a pet doesn't become a very important part of the family is telling lies. I finally have to admit that our darling Megs has left us. He's been missing for almost two weeks now and today I have to admit that he's gone. I've kept up hope that he'd come back and think that it's the not knowing what has happened to him that hurts the most. We've checked all avenues from the pound to the roads but no sign.....maybe a tic got him but we're not sure. Ross checked him every day for tics so think perhaps it wasn't that. I miss him terribly and have no one to talk to through the day. He certainly stole his way into our hearts and will always be remembered. We went away for the weekend to the quilt show in Mossman and I really hoped that he'd be waiting for us, giving us a big talking-to for leaving him for the weekend but he wasn't waiting for us. I'll tell you more about the weekend another day as today is just for Megs. Just hope he's sharing cat heaven with all his friends.