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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mossman Bag Workshops

Had a great drive up to Mossman last Wednesday. The weather was magical but camera was in the back of the car and was too lazy, plus pushed for time, to stop and take pics. The view from the lookout at the top of the range was awesome BUT will get pics next time. Had a great time and the ladies in the workshops enjoyed La Fine della Strada (translates to "the end of the road" in Italian) and I actually managed to take some pics of some of the finished bags! It's great fun changing the applique on each person's bag to match their fabrics. Makes everything more individual. I have a lovely 11 year old in the class who is so keen and LOVES pink! LOL Her Mum comes with her but really, Gillian does most of the work and Mum just is their to guide and also is a help to me as often have beginners in the workshop so they need more guidance. I find them exhausting as the Wednesday night one doesn't generally finish until close to midnight and the Thursday "morning" one never ends until at least 3!!! I know, I know....but like the women to be happy and to feel they've achieved so happy to stay. Must admit that the drive home late in the afternoon is tiring and I generally don't seem to do much on the Friday. My age is showing! Maree, the lady in the white shirt comes to the workshop from Cow Bay which requires a fair drive plus a car ferry across the Daintree. She's a hoot and great fun. Young Gillian is a great kid too and converses with adults really well. She's showing her bag from the first workshop too - you can really see she loves pink! Cathy is one of the owners of the shop and her bag done with the coffee fabrics was a lot of fun. She says it's for her to take when she goes for coffee but you can imagine that owning a shop she very seldome gets to play ladies and go for a coffee. :) Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, 12th May

Morning! :) It's been a really strange day today - one minute cold and cloudy and then the sun comes out. A real Autumn day! I've been catching up on paperwork today and not sewing which makes Jan a sad girl! LOL Has to be done though and as it's more patterns for the girls at the shop for the BOM I really shouldn't complain. As I'm talking about the girls from the shop, thought I'd add a pic from the launch of the quilt. Cathy is standing behind me and Romona is on the far right of the pic. Jenny is the lovely blonde and she was the one who planted the seed in my mind as well as Cathy and Romona's to do the quilt. She's another wonderful person who lives on the edge of the famous Daintree rainforest and has also designed some projects for Handmade magazine. She and her husband moved up from Jervis Bay (near Sydney) a little while back and have fitted into the north Queensland lifestyle really well! :) Jeff loves to fish and Jenny loves to sew, sooooo they manage quite well.

Remembered I'd said I'd add a close-up!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday, 10th May

I know, I know! :) It's been a while but been busy plus had my cataract op which went really well. I can't believe how well I can see now!

Thought I'd tell you about the BOM quilt I designed for a shop in Mossman called R&C Fabrics and Linen. Run by two of the loveliest women you could ever meet. Cathy and Romona...good Italian sisters who are married to two brothers! They have such a lovely way with customers and it's a real pleasure to be in their shop. They're excited about the quilt too and have been wonderful to work with. It's called M'ladys Passion and is sort of a bit retro and features shoes and handbags.

I'm having a bit of trouble working my way around the site and not sure yet how to post pics....boy I'm hopeless!!!
I worked it out! I really wonder about my sanity sometimes! In the next few days I'll add some close-ups of some of the blocks. I loved the fabric range we used as it was a little bit "away" from what I usually work in. I AM finding my colour choices are changing which is probably a good thing.