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Saturday, August 15, 2009


I was like a "woman on a mission" with the quilting and after the some 17 years between applique/embroidery etc for the quilt top it's a good thing. I finished the hand quilting probably almost a week ago but projects/instructions for the magazines and other thing got in the way and I've only just sewn the binding on just now. I had to take a pic of the whole quilt for one of my students who needs to collect her "bits & pieces" for it so thought I'd share. WILL take some close-ups of the individual blocks that I haven't shown yet and post them through the week. We're off, out to the lake tomorrow to have a BBQ lunch with Ross's Dad before he leaves for home on Tuesday so will take it and do the hand stitching. The men will be "man talking" so I'll enjoy the lovely day and sew! I will try to remember to take the camera so you can see how lovely it is out there. Ross is VERY lucky to actually have his office with lake views and where Dad is camped is the picnic spot for the Research Station where Ross has worked for the last, almost 20 years. The state government has decided to close down the research station which is a very sad thing so we're not too sure where our future will be. It's the most beautiful piece of real estate and has been the research centre for almost 75 years. Sad times!!!
I hope everyone else is enjoying a great weekend and maybe stitching as well. :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I've had such a passion to complete this quilt I'm now quilting the outside border! Hand quilting is like that to me though - very addictive! It's; "I'll just complete this block" OR "Just one more length of thread" and I must admit, I've rather "sat" at it since I basted it and it's given me so

much pleasure as it's been quite a number of years since I've hand quilted a reasonable size project. This particular block utilises the old-fashioned, crocheted crinolean ladies that were often put into the corner of a ladies handkerchief. I added the lace under the skirt and when the quilt is complete AND washed I will stiffen the lace somehow so that the skirt stands out. As I've been quilting I've realised JUST how dirty it is! I guess being handled so much over the years in teaching the blocks etc it has to have become quite dirty.

I will photograph the remaining blocks and post them each day, all going well. I designed quite a number of blocks using this motif for all of the students - leaning against a wishing well; under an archway; in an arbour and walking down a path. They all looked wonderful and it was great to give that personal touch to each person's individual quilt.
The "delphiniums" each took me around 40 hours to complete! The are made-up of countless colonial knots with just 2 strands of a hand dyed silk thread. I let the thread give me the colour graduation.
Amidst all this hand quilting I've had a rush visit on Saturday afternoon to see the eye specialist as I had developed a "floater" plus flashes in my right eye. At this stage, all is well but I see him again this coming Thursday to double check that there is no tear in the retina. Apparantly the floater AND the flashes is relatively normal for "a woman of my age"!!! :)
I also have started my bag workshop at the shop in Mossman again and had a lovely time last Wednesday night with the ladies working on a range of different bags. Silly me forgot to take my camera! An unexpected pleasure on the Thursday was, a traveller arriving to show the girls his range of buttons and fabrics. I could have spent a fortune if it were me ordering but, thankfully, I had no say! lol I would go bankrupt very quickly if I owned my own store!
I must get back to my quilting - hope this finds you all well and happy and until next time; happ stitching!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Waaaaay back in 1992 I had this idea to create a quilt - initially to be monochromatic but this changed! I was telling my students about the idea and, of course, they wanted to start NEXT WEEK PLEASE! Naturally I said yes and immediately created the first block. The idea was to work through all the possabilities with applique - as many techniques as possible and we started. I was only ever one week ahead of them and by the end (because the majority of them wanted to make a queen size quilt!) of the some 20 blocks I had gone from the monochromatic idea to bringing in "some" colour as the blocks progressed into more detailed ones.

The cottage above is one of the more heavily worked blocks and I'm ashamed to say that it's taken me this long to almost finishing a small number of the blocks. I've had the six 12in blocks plus three 6in x 12in. blocks put together into a quilt top probably since around 1993 but have never quilted it!!! As I progress through quilting the blocks I'll share with you the rest of them. The other blocks (ones that relate to our marriage and such) are to be put together into another wall quilt although I may turn them into pages for a fabric book now. Don't know what I'm doing with the remainder! :)
The other pics are details of the embroidered garden - a range of silk ribbon plus normal thread techniques were used - the rose vine over the roof and the tiny "Alissium" are some of the wonderful hand-dyed threads available. I used one of those newish propelling chalk pencils (which are wonderful by the way!) to mark the grid lines for quilting but not worried as it will have to be washed when I've finished it. It's been floating around for so long that it's really quite filthy!
When I taught the class quite a lot of students completed their quilts and it's now having a resurgence as more people see it. I'm starting another class, after all these years, next month but only the blocks on this particular quilt - NOT the full selection!
I definately find hand quilting very addictive and just could never contemplate machine quilting a quilt such as this. All the handwork in it deserves hand quilting I feel. Sore fingers though as haven't done a lot of fine hand quilting lately! I tend to make a larger stitch than what the traditionalists would do as I like to actually "see" the quilting rather than get caught up in so many stitches to the inch!!!
I have promised myself to post more often in this last half of the year so let's see how I go. I have been rather prolific over the past few months but mostly projects for the mags so can't really show them here yet. HAVE been working on some pieces for my Artistic Licence group's exhibit in the regional gallery next year so will take some pics and show them too. Until next time, happy stitching and stay safe everyone.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Anyone who says that a pet doesn't become a very important part of the family is telling lies. I finally have to admit that our darling Megs has left us. He's been missing for almost two weeks now and today I have to admit that he's gone. I've kept up hope that he'd come back and think that it's the not knowing what has happened to him that hurts the most. We've checked all avenues from the pound to the roads but no sign.....maybe a tic got him but we're not sure. Ross checked him every day for tics so think perhaps it wasn't that. I miss him terribly and have no one to talk to through the day. He certainly stole his way into our hearts and will always be remembered. We went away for the weekend to the quilt show in Mossman and I really hoped that he'd be waiting for us, giving us a big talking-to for leaving him for the weekend but he wasn't waiting for us. I'll tell you more about the weekend another day as today is just for Megs. Just hope he's sharing cat heaven with all his friends.


Friday, April 24, 2009


Today is one of those absolutely beautiful, autumn days that we have here, in Far North Queensland. Temperature is "crisp" and beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine. I really DO appreciate our wonderful weather but also often wish we could have a "proper" autumn and have all the trees changing colour etc. Can't have everything I guess!!!
I just had to take the pic of the flowering (don't ask me what it's botanical name is!) hanging basket on the front landing. Covered in blossoms and looking so healthy - I might add NOT by my hands but Ross, he's the green thumb person in this household!
The "Rainforest to Reef" embroidery isn't framed yet but hope to have it done sometime soon. Each individual embroidery is 2 1/2in. x 3 1/2in. in size. I actually completed the three of them some time ago and thoroughly enjoyed stitching them. I've used a variety of threads, some handmade paper plus found objects. These are my favourite kind of embroidery when I get the time.

Real shells on the beach embroidery; a genuine handmade wooden button on the rainforest as well as the little gold frog (in actuality it's a hat pin sold in the tourist shops here) and more genuine shells in the reef embroidery. The final photograph is how I would like them to be placed when I get the framing done.
This weekend will be a quiet one as Ross is playing lawn bowls both days but I'm fine with that....lovely to have the house to myself and, no doubt, I will be sewing plus really have to get into my sewing room and put things away to it's tidy again! I promised myself once I got it organised that I'd keep it that way. So far I've done really well but things have been put in a corner just lately - "to be put where they belong another day"...this weekend IS THE DAY! :)
Hope everyone enjoys THEIR weekend and will try hard to be more regular again with my posting.
Read a lovely quote just the other day - "Friends are like a bra...close to your heart and uplifting!" :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Thought I'd show you our "babies" - Megs (the ginger cat)you have met before but HAD to include him in the "family" thing! :) He's getting much "cuddlier" now it's a little cooler. Ross is VERY pleased as he sits on his lap in the evenings now and is such a sook! ROSS that is! lol NOT the cat! The only "look-in" I get is that Megs comes and sits on my hip in the wee hours of the morning and has a nice, comfortable sleep! He purrs so loudly it often keeps me awake but, me being the sook I am, won't move him.
Scooter is the furry one snuggled into the doona and he belongs to Kirsten in Melbourne. I'm looking forward to meeting him in June!!! We are flying down for 9 day visit and to say I'm looking forward to it is an understatement!!! We've been trying to get Ross down there for nearly 3 years now and FINALLY, and only because of the first State of Origin Rugby league game being held in Melbourne this year, we got him to go! Kirsten is taking him for his and her birthday so it will be a good "bonding" :) night for them both. Kirsten and I are hoping to go to see Billy Elliot for "our" bonding night! LOL We're both busily planning on shopping trips etc etc so I can't wait.
Little Ally is the new addition to Matt's household. To say he's turned into a bigger sook than his father is an understatement! To hear this 6'2" BIG guy getting all "soft" about a little kitten is just lovely! He always loved animals as a kid and finally has his own. She's a real cutie but knocked his expensive mobile phone over the balcony the other night so isn't too popular at the moment! I think owning a pet is so good for everyone and they certainly add another dimension to our lives. They say that pets are fantastic therapy for elderly people in homes etc and I DO believe this is true. They give us such unconditional love and loyalty and "round-out" our lives I feel.
I've been busy working on projects for the magazines so will give you some glimpes of them once I get them photographed. Hope you're enjoying the lovely autumn weather if in Australia and hope that spring soon will be "sprung" for those in the northern hemisphere!
Happy stitching, take care and stay safe,

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I thought today, that I might share with you all, pics of my family plus my Mum and brother. Sadly my Dad passed away almost 26 years ago. Mum is now 94 and I'm sad to say she has been alone all those years. My brother, Ian - (we share the same birthday) - was six when I was born and that's him with the grey beard. :) I think the other pics speak for themselves - our daughter, Kirsten who turns 27 in June - she shares her birthday with her Dad! (which, I might add he's not happy about because he seems to miss out! LOL) Matt turns 25 this September and, as you can see, is in the Australian Air Force. Ross is very camera shy and it's hard to get a good pic of him! Mostly he pulls silly faces when he sees a camera around which annoys me, no end. This particular pic of him was taken at the top of a hill overlooking a tiny little outback town called Forsyth and that's one of the many ant's nests that are around. That particular one is only a very small one compared to some! Very dry country out that way and vast vistas of land in abundance. I used to go out there each year to judge the patchwork and needlework plus the craft for their annual "Forsyth Roundup"...the first time was a culture shock but people come in from all the outlying cattle stations and the "show" is combined with a rodeo and then an evening dance. They sure know how to enjoy themselves!!!
Until next time, enjoy your families AND your stitching, love,

Monday, February 23, 2009


I designed this lady quite a few years ago and had never done anything with her. One of my sewing friends has been nagging me for a while now to complete her so she can do one too. I really wasn't sure how I was going to approach it but Stella gave me the impetuous to get her done. I will get her framed when I can afford to - think that's the best way to finish her. This lady (Roaring 20's) so inspired me I've designed a new BOM quilt around her....HATS! :) Will sit beside M'ladys Passion BOM very well I feel so now I'm busting to get into completing that too...."Passionne des Chapeaux" is it's title. Hats, Hat Box, one hat on a stand plus flowers. It's got a real 1920's feel to it so now looking for the right fabric. Fabric choice is so important isn't it? I've been looking at a few websites but, so far, haven't found the right one. I also have to try really hard to not have tunnel vision either, which IS a big problem of mine. I have what I'd like in my head and don't seem to be able to look past it.
Hope you like her...will come back soon as have a couple of other things to share too.
Happy stitching, love,

Monday, February 9, 2009


It's rather too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I've been soooo lazy in not posting but I'm baaaaaack!!! Will try hard to get back into routine and post at least once a week. My first thoughts this morning are for the people in Victoria who have lost loved ones and homes in the terrible bushfires they're experiencing. 108 lives lost as of this morning so our thoughts and prayers are with those people. In stark contrast, here in Far North Queensland we're experiencing major flooding and in particular the town of Ingham have suffered badly. Such a land of contrast Australia is. Road have been cut for days now and the grocery shelves are very bare. Minor things to put up with compared to our southern neighbours.

During all the rain I've managed to get quite a bit of sewing done so thought I'd share the pics with you. "Feeling Pretty" (bottom) is a change in colour choice for me.....Not sure what's happening with me but I'm often drawn lately to softer colours but must admit that these fabrics were given to me and I'm quite happy with the result. "Pink and Pretty" (Middle) is a bit brighter in colour but using pink which is a colour I've never been drawn to! LOL Almost looks like I'm going in for the shaped tops of bags but quite like the affect. "Take me Shopping" (Top) is quite a roomy bag with 6in gussets but I've added a "tie" to the top of the gusset to give it the interesting shape and the "room to grow" if the shopping is LOTS! :)
Some other projects completed too but will post them another day. Almost mid-February already! Will be Easter before we know it! Happy Stitching,