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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday, 10th May

I know, I know! :) It's been a while but been busy plus had my cataract op which went really well. I can't believe how well I can see now!

Thought I'd tell you about the BOM quilt I designed for a shop in Mossman called R&C Fabrics and Linen. Run by two of the loveliest women you could ever meet. Cathy and Romona...good Italian sisters who are married to two brothers! They have such a lovely way with customers and it's a real pleasure to be in their shop. They're excited about the quilt too and have been wonderful to work with. It's called M'ladys Passion and is sort of a bit retro and features shoes and handbags.

I'm having a bit of trouble working my way around the site and not sure yet how to post pics....boy I'm hopeless!!!
I worked it out! I really wonder about my sanity sometimes! In the next few days I'll add some close-ups of some of the blocks. I loved the fabric range we used as it was a little bit "away" from what I usually work in. I AM finding my colour choices are changing which is probably a good thing.


SpecialK1406 said...

Yay!! Mum you are finally becoming computer literate!! Im looking forward to reading all about your doings since im no longer there to see it all!! LOL!! Love you lots and lots

Hugs and Kisses - your favourite daughter Kirsten xxx

SewIknit2 said...

Jan! even allowing for the variances of pc monitors the COLOUR in the quilt is fab, it does "do" something, somehow, I can well imagine you were pleased with it!
a click to the image brings up a super sized view of it, btw!
Good look with future projects!

(waves across the pond to Kirsten too! yoo-hoooo!)

makeitsew07 said...

Jan, welcome back!
I'm glad you had your cataract surgery and it went well. Hello to Kirsten, too! The quilt looks lovely and I know it will do well as a class.
Hugs to you, Deb