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Sunday, August 2, 2009


I've had such a passion to complete this quilt I'm now quilting the outside border! Hand quilting is like that to me though - very addictive! It's; "I'll just complete this block" OR "Just one more length of thread" and I must admit, I've rather "sat" at it since I basted it and it's given me so

much pleasure as it's been quite a number of years since I've hand quilted a reasonable size project. This particular block utilises the old-fashioned, crocheted crinolean ladies that were often put into the corner of a ladies handkerchief. I added the lace under the skirt and when the quilt is complete AND washed I will stiffen the lace somehow so that the skirt stands out. As I've been quilting I've realised JUST how dirty it is! I guess being handled so much over the years in teaching the blocks etc it has to have become quite dirty.

I will photograph the remaining blocks and post them each day, all going well. I designed quite a number of blocks using this motif for all of the students - leaning against a wishing well; under an archway; in an arbour and walking down a path. They all looked wonderful and it was great to give that personal touch to each person's individual quilt.
The "delphiniums" each took me around 40 hours to complete! The are made-up of countless colonial knots with just 2 strands of a hand dyed silk thread. I let the thread give me the colour graduation.
Amidst all this hand quilting I've had a rush visit on Saturday afternoon to see the eye specialist as I had developed a "floater" plus flashes in my right eye. At this stage, all is well but I see him again this coming Thursday to double check that there is no tear in the retina. Apparantly the floater AND the flashes is relatively normal for "a woman of my age"!!! :)
I also have started my bag workshop at the shop in Mossman again and had a lovely time last Wednesday night with the ladies working on a range of different bags. Silly me forgot to take my camera! An unexpected pleasure on the Thursday was, a traveller arriving to show the girls his range of buttons and fabrics. I could have spent a fortune if it were me ordering but, thankfully, I had no say! lol I would go bankrupt very quickly if I owned my own store!
I must get back to my quilting - hope this finds you all well and happy and until next time; happ stitching!

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