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Friday, May 14, 2010

BRRRR It's getting chilly! Not too cold to stitch though!!!

I've completed more pieces for the "A Sigh of Colour" exhibit and pretty happy with the results.  Of course, you always think you would have done things just a little differently but that's just human nature I feel. 
The first is "Sentinals" (the green one as I'm never certain where the pics will end up when I hit "publish post" LOL) - I needle felted (on my wonderful Pfaff Embellisher) a rectangle of hand dyed wool roving and then cut the gum leaf shapes.  The jade circles are a gift from my friend Liddy "collected" during her 2 years in Thailand. Hand quilted as well.

The next (aqua) is "Coral Cay" and I'm hoping it's obvious what I was trying to achieve.  Really enjoyed doing this - the centre section is hand dyed silk organza; leftover bits from Kirsten's graduation dress from high school.  Perfect for my design as we made the dress on an underwater theme.  Hand embroidered and hand quilted as well.

The last is the copper one - "Copper Elements" - pretty self explanatory.  Also hand quilted.  I have to get these pieces posted up to the girls in Atherton so they can then finalise whether we need more to fill-out the colour range to fit the gallery walls.  We're also creating handmade books - some to echo some of our individual pieces as well as others.  I had a great time working on these as it's been a while since I made any.  I'll post photographs soon!

We've had absolutely beautiful days here with quite chilly mornings and warmish days with it turning cool again as the sun goes down.  Been dragging out some of the winter woolies!!  I'll be back soon with some more pics.  Until then, happy stitching!

Jan xxx 

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