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Monday, July 4, 2011


Velvet & Lace is one of two projects featured in the current issue of Handmade.  I made it a while back and thoroughly enjoyed creating it.  I hand painted the lace and was lucky to find the random dyed velvet in a dress fabric shop.  Would love to say I had hand dyed it too but won't!  :)  The tassle is handmade too, using three full skeins of silk thread.  Very sumptuous and fitting, I felt to match the bag.  I finished off the bag with a small amount of lace and embroidery on the back as well.  Interesting beading is along the top edge.  Hard to explain without a diagram - using approx. 3mm diameter beads with smaller seed beads in a "sort of" fly stitch manner.  A really nice finish for any edge actually.  More to show you in a new post tomorrow!  Happy stitching!

Jan xxx


SewIknit2 said...

I love this and love that you dyed too and also the tassel! I wish we lived nearer, I'd definitely move into your craft room! I'd even CLEAN for lessons! (well. ok. I'd sort of "rearrange" stuff .. then? and there'd be CAKE? right?) love your work and the photo's show it off beautifully! Sue x

Cath Ü said...

Jan the bag is stunning...... now where is the next post...??????

Cath Ü