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Monday, December 19, 2011


Well, what do you know!!!  It's only 6 sleeps until Christmas!!!  Where has the year gone is what is on everyone's lips I think!  Thought I'd tell you today about some of the textile art postcards I've been making through the year.  No, I won't bore you with them all but will show you just a few.  The textile art group as part of Gatton Quilters had a postcard challenge with us using a theme for each month to create our postcards.  It's been such a fun and challenging thing to do all year.  We (GQ) are having an exhibit at the Lockyer Valley Regional Gallery next June and we will display the collections there as part of the exhibit. 

Front and back of the "Fashion" theme.  I chose to create a "robe" to be the High Priestess Robe.  I then made-up a totally fictional story about a tribe etc.  Click on any of the pics to bring them up larger.

Another of the robe series...this one is the "Snow Queen Robe" in reply to the "Winter" theme.  There are two other robes and a mask that belong to the set and perhaps I'll show these at a later date.  I was inspired to create the robes by Inga Hunter who has created the most amazing robe pieces...just stunning. 

This last one's theme was "Weaving"....I used unusual "threads" that I purchased from The Thread Studio ( www.thethreadstudio.com ) Overdyed Sari Ribbon and spun silk bits from Nepal along with some charms and a shisha mirror.  It all had and Indian feel to me so I named it "Sari Sunset".

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Season and is looking forward to a great 2012!!


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