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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Erin, from New Hampshire is my wonderful angel! The parcel arrived last Wednesday as I was just about to leave for Mossman for my monthly bag workshops. Needless to say my departure was delayed a little! :) Erin was SO good to me and opening the box was like Christmas come early. My lovely Alphabet Annie, fat 1/4's of fabric, the wonderful bag that is almost hidden in the pic by all the other special, thoughful gifts. And then there is the fabric box, the snowglobes, GENUINE maple syrup! (Ross can't wait to try that! lol), yummy chocolate buds (that I demolished almost straight away), and the Willow Tree "Friendship" angel that now sits beside me here at the PC and last but by no means least - a special treat for Megs! I might add, Erin, that he just RUNS when I shake the packet now so they've been a great hit! :) Megs says thanks...and he's a great talker so you can imagine! I love the Bohin needles too, thanks Erin - they're my favourite needle to use. Erin was rather sneaky in that she made contact with me and we've exchanged quite a few emails and, silly me! It never occured to me that she might be my secret angel until she posted her hint of the package ready to send on her blog. http://www.godoodlesnquilt.blogspot.com/ Go visit Erin's Hannies Annies site too! http://www.hanniesannies.com/ THANKYOU again Erin, you spoiled me way too much but I'm glad you did! LOL A big thankyou to Helen from Hugs and Kisses too for organising the Stitchers Angel Swap - I'll make bets that it's been a huge success.
Now I'll have to get back to normal and enjoy my gifts as I work....Alphabet Annie will live with my other fabric dolls so hope they don't get up to any tricks together! Until next time, happy stitching. I've just completed quite a few projects using the new Moda, Recess range so will post pics as soon as I can. It's been fun! Bye for now,


Hannies Annies said...

I am thrilled you liked everything! I must admit to being a bit nervous where you are a designer and have sewn wonderful things...it was lots of fun and just think you have a new friend in the US!

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