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Sunday, November 23, 2008


The other three projects from the "Woodland Blooms" range of fabrics from Moda. LOVELY fabrics - a polished cotton feel to them and, as always with Moda, great to work with. I really liked the green background floral fabric to start with but ended up preferring the blue background! :) Unusual for me as I just love green. ALSO out of the ordinary for me to use bright pink too but it just seemed the best colour to bind both the bag and the tablerunner. I went mad with the ric-rac again but just love it as an accent. I called the bag on the left "Carrington" - don't ask me why! And the bag on the right is "Flamingo" - mainly for the bright pink binding. The tablerunner (Flowers with Power) is quite a long one - it sort of grew! 14in. x 48in. (35cm x 116cm). The photograph doesn't seem to do it justice...it's very bright and cheery and would even look good along the bottom of a single bed I would think. It's been fun and now I'm working on Christmas things in between doing all the instructions for these recent projects - the one part of designing I DON'T enjoy! :)

Terribly, terribly hot here today...not sure, exactly what the temperature is but would have to be around 35-36C I would think. These past few days have been very enervating when the heat hits all of a sudden. Think I'll go and have my third cool shower of the day when I've posted here - cools you down for a little while. It's times like this I'd love a pool in the backyard!

Until next time, happy stitching, stay well and safe, Cheers,



Carol in Sweden said...

We're cold and dark...dark. Very dark...

Those fabrics are a JOY to see! totally luscious! And your creations are fabulous too!

Jan said...

Would love to send you some HOT Carol! You could send me some snow? :) I guess the dark would be hard to cope with. Thanks for your kind words....are you a sewer too? Yes, aren't the fabrics just luscious? Particularly loved the Recess range...brought back memories of my younger years. Thanks again for you comment and have a happy and safe Christmas!