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Monday, February 9, 2009


It's rather too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I've been soooo lazy in not posting but I'm baaaaaack!!! Will try hard to get back into routine and post at least once a week. My first thoughts this morning are for the people in Victoria who have lost loved ones and homes in the terrible bushfires they're experiencing. 108 lives lost as of this morning so our thoughts and prayers are with those people. In stark contrast, here in Far North Queensland we're experiencing major flooding and in particular the town of Ingham have suffered badly. Such a land of contrast Australia is. Road have been cut for days now and the grocery shelves are very bare. Minor things to put up with compared to our southern neighbours.

During all the rain I've managed to get quite a bit of sewing done so thought I'd share the pics with you. "Feeling Pretty" (bottom) is a change in colour choice for me.....Not sure what's happening with me but I'm often drawn lately to softer colours but must admit that these fabrics were given to me and I'm quite happy with the result. "Pink and Pretty" (Middle) is a bit brighter in colour but using pink which is a colour I've never been drawn to! LOL Almost looks like I'm going in for the shaped tops of bags but quite like the affect. "Take me Shopping" (Top) is quite a roomy bag with 6in gussets but I've added a "tie" to the top of the gusset to give it the interesting shape and the "room to grow" if the shopping is LOTS! :)
Some other projects completed too but will post them another day. Almost mid-February already! Will be Easter before we know it! Happy Stitching,


SewIknit2 said...

just LOVE the way you put your bags together and the colours and fabrics, they should I mean could all be made for meee!! tee-hee! glad you are posting! LOVE your pics, so inspiring!
my thoughts too for all the terrible events happening, particularly those lost in the bush fires recently.
hugs. sue xxxx

Erin said...

Jan glad you are back!!! been worried about you!!

Anonymous said...

Mother bear, you have been very slack!! But its ok - i know what you are like ;) I still think you should send me that orange wallet type thing from a couple of posts ago....or just make me another one ;D Im not too sure about the pink...but you know how I feel about pink, but the one at the bottom almost looks like it could be a bustier bag - probably just the way its sitting. I like the big one at the top too. You have to promise to make sure you post lots coz Im slack and don't always call - usually only when im drunk xxx Love your bad daughter xxxxxxx

quiltingseagull said...

Jan Love the bags!

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