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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Thought I'd show you our "babies" - Megs (the ginger cat)you have met before but HAD to include him in the "family" thing! :) He's getting much "cuddlier" now it's a little cooler. Ross is VERY pleased as he sits on his lap in the evenings now and is such a sook! ROSS that is! lol NOT the cat! The only "look-in" I get is that Megs comes and sits on my hip in the wee hours of the morning and has a nice, comfortable sleep! He purrs so loudly it often keeps me awake but, me being the sook I am, won't move him.
Scooter is the furry one snuggled into the doona and he belongs to Kirsten in Melbourne. I'm looking forward to meeting him in June!!! We are flying down for 9 day visit and to say I'm looking forward to it is an understatement!!! We've been trying to get Ross down there for nearly 3 years now and FINALLY, and only because of the first State of Origin Rugby league game being held in Melbourne this year, we got him to go! Kirsten is taking him for his and her birthday so it will be a good "bonding" :) night for them both. Kirsten and I are hoping to go to see Billy Elliot for "our" bonding night! LOL We're both busily planning on shopping trips etc etc so I can't wait.
Little Ally is the new addition to Matt's household. To say he's turned into a bigger sook than his father is an understatement! To hear this 6'2" BIG guy getting all "soft" about a little kitten is just lovely! He always loved animals as a kid and finally has his own. She's a real cutie but knocked his expensive mobile phone over the balcony the other night so isn't too popular at the moment! I think owning a pet is so good for everyone and they certainly add another dimension to our lives. They say that pets are fantastic therapy for elderly people in homes etc and I DO believe this is true. They give us such unconditional love and loyalty and "round-out" our lives I feel.
I've been busy working on projects for the magazines so will give you some glimpes of them once I get them photographed. Hope you're enjoying the lovely autumn weather if in Australia and hope that spring soon will be "sprung" for those in the northern hemisphere!
Happy stitching, take care and stay safe,

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Anonymous said...

Mother Bear,

Both of my little boys are just the cutest aren't they!!! Such posers!!! Matts little girl is a bit of a priss tho isn't she....doesn't seem like she wants to pose!!!