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Friday, April 24, 2009


Today is one of those absolutely beautiful, autumn days that we have here, in Far North Queensland. Temperature is "crisp" and beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine. I really DO appreciate our wonderful weather but also often wish we could have a "proper" autumn and have all the trees changing colour etc. Can't have everything I guess!!!
I just had to take the pic of the flowering (don't ask me what it's botanical name is!) hanging basket on the front landing. Covered in blossoms and looking so healthy - I might add NOT by my hands but Ross, he's the green thumb person in this household!
The "Rainforest to Reef" embroidery isn't framed yet but hope to have it done sometime soon. Each individual embroidery is 2 1/2in. x 3 1/2in. in size. I actually completed the three of them some time ago and thoroughly enjoyed stitching them. I've used a variety of threads, some handmade paper plus found objects. These are my favourite kind of embroidery when I get the time.

Real shells on the beach embroidery; a genuine handmade wooden button on the rainforest as well as the little gold frog (in actuality it's a hat pin sold in the tourist shops here) and more genuine shells in the reef embroidery. The final photograph is how I would like them to be placed when I get the framing done.
This weekend will be a quiet one as Ross is playing lawn bowls both days but I'm fine with that....lovely to have the house to myself and, no doubt, I will be sewing plus really have to get into my sewing room and put things away to it's tidy again! I promised myself once I got it organised that I'd keep it that way. So far I've done really well but things have been put in a corner just lately - "to be put where they belong another day"...this weekend IS THE DAY! :)
Hope everyone enjoys THEIR weekend and will try hard to be more regular again with my posting.
Read a lovely quote just the other day - "Friends are like a bra...close to your heart and uplifting!" :)


Erin said...

very nice embroideries! you have so much talent I went walking on the beach over the weekend and collected sea shells, no idea what to do with them and here you are showing off such beautiful needlework with them!

Jan said...

Thankyou Erin! :) We must have been on the same wavelength! Been meaning to email you and I will! Hope you're keeping well...think of you often!