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Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday, 26th September

This is going to be a BIG catch-up! Been sooo busy lately I haven't had a chance to "have a chat". I've promised myself to set Friday mornings aside to keep the blog up to date so hope I follow through!

I've been busy making bags! This one is not quite finished yet - the girls at R&C are getting some lovely BIG buttons in colours to match the rings on the handles for me. They will be stitched on the straps just above the rings. You can "just" see the pins holding the straps in place at the moment! :) Called "Candy Spots".

The next pic is another bag just completed the other day. I've had a few Kaffe Fasset fabrics for a while now with the bags designed etc but only had the chance lately to get some done. Still got about 5 more designed TO DO yet!!!! This one I called "Ruby Tuesday" - the fabric will tell you why. Blow! The pics aren't where I thought they would be!!! Pretty obvious which is which though I think?


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SewIknit2 said...

WOW! it was worth waiting for! the bags are FAB! and the blog looks GOOD!
Looking forward to next Fri already!
Love, Sue