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Friday, September 26, 2008

MORE Bags!

These two bags I made a little while back. R&C Fabrics had the African one in and just had to do something with it! :) It's quite big - I used Fast2Fuse in it and boy I don't enjoy using it!!!! It works well but you DO have to specifically design for it as it's quite stiff and hard to work with. The second bag is from the Chateaux Rococo range of fabrics....I got rather carried away with the range and did two bags, a tablerunner, three cushions and have designed two doorstops with it but haven't made them yet. Got the fabric from Seriously Crazy - a shop that stocks and sells a lot of my designs. They travel around in a big red bus and visit places that don't get the chance to see fabrics etc....out western Queensland and other areas too. They're a great couple, Colin and Margaret. They provide a great service to people in the outback. The bus is well set-up for them to live in and Col has designed great cabinets that hold the fabric and threads and other lovely things that make it easy for them to set-up and then pack away. Would be a great life I think! Just received a lovely parcel from them today with some great retro fabrics and other things too so I'm off on a designing spree again! Have been designing and making so many bags lately I feel like a true bag lady.... Mind you, have lots of other things designed and half made too - must get into them!

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend, I know what I'll be doing! :) Until next time, take care,

Jan xxx


SewIknit2 said...

oh my GOSH! that lovely pink stripe bag? thats SEW me! I love it!
It won't suit YOU, of course.
GIVE IT TO ME. go on. Or I'm coming to GET it! (joke)
Love, Sue

Jan said...

LOL...you ARE a cheeky mare Susan! If I thought you WOULD come and get it I'd be sew happy! Glad you like it!