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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sewing Group's Big "0" Birthdays

We've had a few big '0' birthdays this year in our sewing group. Rather than get bogged down in a large quilt we decided to each do a "page" for each person and make them up into a book. These pics are Judy's book....Judy is the loveliest of women and she was 60 last month. It's her house that we generally meet at and it's just beautiful! She's on acreage and has the most beautiful garden and, as we sit out on the back patio we often see lots of native birds - especially Kookaburras and even the odd wallaby or two! She's on the edge of a creek and bushland so it's understandable. I think I've got some pics of her garden somewhere so will post if I can. Top pic on the left is the cover....I used velvet flowers and touches of embroidery. Next is Carole's page...Carole does the most beautiful single thread, silk embroidery. She's buttonholed around pansies cut from fabric and embroidered the leaves. Next down is Moreen's page...inspired by a card sent to her she has used lace motifs for flowers along with delicate beads and sequins along with textured threads. Bottom is my page with a "sort of" crazy patch feel. The print is from a postcard - can't think of the artist but it's printed onto the fabric you can put through your printer. The guipure motif is an old one from my collection and I added embroidery and beads. Hopefully the book will be a treasured memory.


SewIknit2 said...

Wow! Jan those are BEAUTFIUL! and such a good idea too!

Jan said...

Thanks Sue....have to work on a second one today for Wendy. Well, have to do the cover and put it all together that is. Going to do this one with a piece of brilliant orange felt and going to use my embellisher! :) Will post pics when it's done. Jan PS. Got the slideshow done too! Wow!!!