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Friday, September 26, 2008

My Favourite Corners

I thought I'd show you some pics of my favourite corners in the house. Here are two, I'll take more pics one day. The one on the left is in my sewing studio. Well, I call it my sewing studio but really it's more a storage area as I mostly handsew and do that in the loungeroom and my sewing machine is on the front verandah.

Some of my cloth doll collection made by myself and my friends. Other special things on the wall also a mixture of my designs and gifts from friends. The three black/silver boxes contain lots of lovely braids, ribbons and other lovely things. The special memorabilia cushion at the back was a gift from Joyce...a very, very special lady.

The other pic is one of the corners in the lounge room. My "shabby chic" area! :) The cute "Weeds" basket was a gift from a good friend. I have all these different little areas in our home as I just love everything! Country, shabby chic, African inspired things etc etc. I sometimes try to "minimalise" but it never works!!!!

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auntie said...

Jan...I love your blog. It is great fun to see some of the things you design. Thanks for posting the link to it. Viva