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Monday, October 6, 2008


My angel and Christmas tree collections from a couple of years back. The lights pic isn't such a good one but will give an idea - this was the 2006 display. Ross has added more since. We would like to have more lights up on the peak of the house but it's rather high and he's a little bit height challenged! :) Our house is what is called a "Queenslander" - built for the hot weather and all timber. This house would have been built in the 1930's I think and, as you can see in the pics, the interior walls are what is called tongue and groove. Terrible to clean when the mould comes in in the wet season! We may not do all the Christmas thing this year as we're going to Newcastle to have Christmas at Matt's. Will all depend on how I'm feeling closer to Christmas! Would love to hear what everyone else does for Christmas? Cheers,


SewIknit2 said...

Super festive pics, Jan!
We tend to be a bit basic in our household! just a tree really with the occasional dangly thing which stays up until blutac gives way and it remains in a heap!
I'm lucky to have a nice collection of traditional handcrafted items collected over the years from cyber-pals across the pond and they are always brought out and have prominant positions too!
My red handmade *Christmas* candles are SEW yummy they have been out on shelf for 5yrs and never get packed away - I love them and can't bring self to light/use them! (I think those were Kyms!)

Hannies Annies said...

I love the decorations Jan! I too love angels! I have a Jim Shore collection of angels, and snowmen! I am now also getting other Jim Shore things..we have a small tree now, since we downsized..I decorate more primitively type..quilts, wallhangings and handmade stockings...since it is just hubby and I and our cat..we love candles too, votives are around...make the house smell so festive! I love your house!!