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Friday, October 10, 2008

My Angel Swap Gifts

Just a little hint of what I'm sending. My angel lives quite a way away from me in a land where quite beautiful flowers grow! :) It's been such fun designing the third part of the gift. The other two I designed a while back and one was even featured in one of the magazines. Many, many thanks to Helen from Hugs and Kisses in organising the Angel Swap, I'm sure she's very pleased with the response she received and if you want to see more pics and news go to Helen's blog by clicking on the Angel Swap icon here on my blog. Another weekend is on the horizon...we're planning on going to Ravenshoe (a little town about a 45min drive from here) as they're having their annual Torimba (Festival of the Forest) street parade and festivites. Ravenshoe was a very busy timber town for many years but now with forest preservation the timber industry has ceased. The timber display each year has a plethora of magnificant carved and turned pieces that are well worth viewing. Looking forward to it! :) Hope everyone else has a great weekend, Cheers,


SewIknit2 said...

Jan, I love the way you've matched the thread colour to the trim or button! its just the littlest details that seem to have the most impact! just GORGEOUS! your pics are inspiring!!

Hannies Annies said...

I love the little sneak peek of the gifts you made...you do awesome work..I agree with Sue, you are inspiring!!!