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Sunday, October 5, 2008


It's called "Under the Mistletoe" in the magazine (Handmade Volume 26 No 2) but I had named it "A Christmas Kiss". I will be giving it away as a Christmas gift - the draw will take place on Nov 20th. All you have to do is email me at ozjan51@hotmail.com and you will go into the draw!!! I'm a true "Christmasaholic" and won't tell you how many big plastic crates I have, full of Christmas stuff! It's a major job as I pack away most things that are around the place to bring out all my Christmas "collections" - Reindeers, Snowmen, Santas, Angels, my Christmas pillows along with lots of other things. I've always loved snow globes too and have found them difficult to find here in Australia but I've managed to find two I think so that's my NEW collection! :) Think I have some pics here on the PC from Christmas one year so will find them and give you a look. Ross (who used to be the original "Bah humbug" of Christmas) has become rather enthused with Christmas lights and he really does a great job each year. I often have a giggle at me with my snowmen etc as they're a little bit out of place, I guess, with our hot summer Christmases but I'm afraid that Santa in sandals and board shorts just DOESN'T fit the bill!
Looking forward to hearing from you all, Cheers,


makeitsew07 said...

You've got mail :-)


makeitsew07 said...

Oh, Jan.
http://www.boston.com/community/photos/raw/2008/10/send_in_your_foliage_shots.html I just found this site and know how much you love seeing pics of autumn foliage, since you don't have autumn foliage in your part of Queensland.

Jules said...

You do gorgeous work!:)