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Thursday, October 16, 2008


My friend Sue in England and myself have challenged each other to make one of these. We both post on a wonderful forum and also visit
Lisa's blog. Lisa had made this beautiful crazy patch pin cushion and Sue and I decided to "have a go" too. It's ages since I've done any crazy patch and it took me a while to get my brain back into gear with all the embellishing. I'm afraid I went a bit overboard and, in my rush, as I always do! Made the circle too large for the jam jar lid I had chosen plus, didn't take into account the area where the embellishing would get lost when completed! So typical of me but I had such fun doing it I've promised myself to take the time and do more crazy patch. It will mean taking time out from my designing etc but "feel the need"!!!! Here's Lisa's link to her wonderful blog - have a good look at everything she does, it's just beautiful!


If you want to see more pics of my pin cushion here's the link to my flickR page....they're in with other things so just click through until you find them.

Tomorrow is my day with my "Artistic Licence" girls so I'm looking forward to that. We're planning our next exhibit and this one is going to be in the new Regional Gallery so we're really going "upmarket"! Not until 2010 so got plenty of time. It's another interesting concept and I'll tell you all more when we finalise the details.

Until next time, happy stitching and stay safe,


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